Watershed Program

The goal of the Watershed Program is to “provide an enriched educational environment where students can experience nature, hands-on science, and learn the interconnectedness of life in the watershed.” The watershed curriculum covers grades K- 5th and incorporates both indoor classroom-based lessons and outdoor field-based lessons in our watershed. Wilder Elementary is fortunate to have this unique program that increases our students’ scientific knowledge along with environmental awareness and sensitivity.

Watershed instruction is delivered by volunteers two to three times per year depending on the grade level. The indoor lesson takes place first. This introduces the concepts to the students and gives them practice to prepare for the outdoor lesson. The outdoor lesson follows within one-to-two weeks of the indoor instruction; this facilitates learning retention. The students conduct this lesson in the watershed providing them with the ability to experience hands-on learning in nature and awareness and respect for the environment.

For questions, contact Wendy Hofeling or Erin Robertson.


For Class Leaders

*Watershed Calendar Information: Please consult the calendar when scheduling your Watershed activities, as there are many groups now sharing the Enrichment portable. You may need to click into the details of an event to see if it is available for just obtaining materials. Once you find a good time and finalize it with the teacher, use the request form to reserve the portable.

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