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The Wilder Science Fair will be a staff and student even this year. Our goal is to ensure that students get excited about science and build a curiosity to learn about the process for answering scientific questions about the world around them with friends.

We are very proud of all the students who participated in the Wilder Science Fair this year! With over 70 projects submitted & more than 80 students presenting their projects, we saw some very creative displays and eloquent presentations. Some in-depth understanding made us realise how wonderful our kids are growing to become. We were able to run this event successfully  with the help from our amazing parent volunteers and awesome staff of Wilder Elementary. THANK YOU!

Here are the winners listed below by grade.


  • Allison Alcaraz - Johnson - Color changing flowers & a celery
  • Bennett Dixon - Loeber - Melting Crayon
  • Viktor Fornshell - Johnson -Electric Play-doh Frog

First Grade

  • Averil Eisler - Arellano - The dogs whisperer a.k.a How dogs hear sound
  • Grant Niemann - Jensen - Car speeds and lubricants
  • Cadence Schaab - Arellano - Making Electricity with potatoes

Second Grade

  • Ellie Mae Barker - Acres - Build a better Rocket
  • Ava Fox - Schneider
  • Emre Envarli - Acres - Bristle bot

Third Grade

  • Macy White - Sigel - Is the 5s rule true?
  • Josephine Ternstrom - Sigel
  • Ananya Debbie - Hartwell - Invisible Ink

Fourth Grade

  • Jack Bunyard - Carlson
  • Maya Eldirgnami - Newell - Water clock
  • Avery Wadsworth - Carlson - Marker Myths

Fifth Grade

  • Jake Isaacs - Neibauer - Can you create electricity from water?
  • Brad Mulhall - Neibauer
  • Aubrey White - Neibauer - How dams use water to create electricity
  • Taylor Andersen - Neibauer
  • Morgan - Neibauer - Comparison of Baseball bats

Group Project

  • Aadya Mabotuwana - Doherty -Can we make plants glow?
  • August Mielnik - Hartwell - Can we make plants glow?

Most Creative

  • Emre Envarli - Acres - Bristle bot

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