Kindergarten Lessons

FALL-What is Watershed

Students learn what a watershed is and take a tour in the watershed.  They learn that our watershed is unique because it supports many salmon species.

Indoor lesson- Watershed Pledge and Tour

Outdoor lesson - Watershed Walking Tour


WINTER- Salmon Story

This is a book that is read in the classroom to introduce students to the salmon life-cycle.  Later in the year the kindergartens will have the opportunity, along with the 3rd graders, to release baby salmon into the watershed stream which happens in March.  This book will help explain the journey the salmon have ahead and get them excited to be part of the process.  This is an indoor lesson only.

Indoor lesson- Salmon Storytime


SPRING-Colors and Shapes in Nature

Students learn to observe and identify colors and shapes in nature and the watershed.

Indoor lesson - Colors and Shapes in Nature

Outdoor lesson - Colors and Shapes in Nature