Marathon Club

Wilder PTSA is proud to announce that Wilder’s Marathon Club is back!  We are keeping Marathon Club virtual this year so all student’s will be able to run or walk at their own pace, on their own time.  They can use a treadmill, go outside for a walk in their neighborhood, or jog around the house or yard.  Each family can choose what works best for them. 

The easiest way to keep track is to find a loop that is a 0.25 mile long… the child can then repeat that loop to easily keep track of their mileage.  The child can use a fitness watch, Fitbit, or some sort of fitness tracker to keep track of their distances.  Record the distances easily by checking off each 0.25 mile on the attached chart. 

Once the child has completed their desired distance, return the sheet with a parent signature documenting their distance.
    1)      Use the attachment to document the mileage.  Fill in the form completely.
    2)      Once the child has completed the distance they desire, email the finished sheet to
    3)      All forms must be turned in by May 1st, 2022
    4)      A charm bracelet will be handed out to ALL students that complete a minimum of a 5K (3.1 miles). Additional charms will be added at                 the 10K, ½ Marathon and Marathon distances.  For all students that finish the Marathon (26.2 miles) distance, they will receive a                         Wilder Marathon Club Tote Bag & Certificate of Completion.  All prizes will be distributed at the end of the year.
Printable Mileage CHART
We hope you and your child will join us this year.  Happy Running!
For questions, please email