Art Challenge

Wilder’s School Wide Art Challenge is finally back! We are excited to begin this unique to Wilder Art curriculum that is taught during the students’ lunch/recess period. For several years now, through the Art Challenge program, students have learned about art history, famous artists and art from around the world. This year we will begin a two-year adventure with a reboot back into the art world learning about the big 7 art elements!


  • For 2022-23 we will look at the following: Shape, Color, Value and Line.
  • Then, 2023-24 we will cover the final three elements (Line, Form and Space) and a 7 elements review challenge.

The Monday lesson takes place during both lunch periods. Students will be given that month’s art element mini-lesson while they eat.

Then on Tuesday, students will have the opportunity to participate in an art project outside during recess related to the previous day’s lesson.

Finally, all student work will be displayed on the cafeteria Art Challenge wall before being sent home. Check it out when you’re next up at school. But, don’t worry if you can’t make it! Keep up to date with all Art Challenge activities on this web page and/or the Wilder e-newsletter. We’ll be posting photos and updates each month. Here we go, Wilder Artists!

For more information please contact: Jennifer de la Port

2022-23 Wilder Art Challenge


Many pieces of art are created by shapes. Shapes come in many sizes and types. Click here to learn more and see the progress about this element


Color is one of the most familiar art elements known to artists and non-artists alike. Click here to learn more and see the progress about this element


The art element ‘value’ defines how light or dark a color can be.  A color’s value is on a scale.  Click here to see student's learning about Value


Coming soon...

2023-2024 Wilder Art Challenge




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