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FALL 2021


Math Olympiad/Algebros with Mr. Neibauer

This class is a preparatory math class for 5th grade students to help them prepare for Middle School math.  Have fun with Mr. Neibauer every Thursday or Friday to excite, enrich, and challenge the mind.  This Class is a FULL YEAR Class and requests payment for all 3 sessions (Fall, Winter & Spring) at the start of the year.

Due to the requirements the school district has in place surrounding COVID-19, we will be separating the class into two groups until we are able to combine them.

  • Students in Mrs. Hakes class will be meeting with Mr. Neibauer on Thursday mornings from 8:15-9:10am. 
  • Students in Mr. Neibauer's class will be meeting with Mr. Neibauer on Friday mornings from 8:15-9:10am.

Once we are allowed to combine the two classes, all students will attend on Friday mornings from 8:15am-9:10am and will follow the Friday session dates for the remainder of the year.

Grade:  5th only

Cost:  $467 for 26 classes.  This price includes all three sessions.

Mrs. Hakes Student's:

Day/Time: Thursday 8:15-9:10am

Location: Portable next door to Mr. Neibauer's Classroom

Thursday Session Dates:

Fall: 9/23/21 - 12/9/21 (No class 10/14, 11,11 & 11/25)

Winter:  1/06/22 - 3/24/22 (No class 1/27 & 2/17, & 3/10)

Spring: 3/31/22 - 6/2/22 (No class 4/7 & 5/26)

Mr. Neibauer's Students:

Day/Time:  Friday 8:15am-9:10am

Location: Mr. Neibauer's Classroom

Friday Session Dates:

Fall: 9/24/21 - 12/10/21 (No class 10/15, 11/12 & 11/26)

Winter:  1/7/21 - 3/25/22 (No class 1/28 & 2/18, & 3/11)

Spring: 4/1/22 - 6/3/22 (No class 4/8 & 5/27)


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